Utility Trolleys & Hand Baskets

(right) shows a typical one level stock trolley capable of carry more than 400kg ,with

highly durable polyurethane wheels you are able to maneuver  in tight positions freely as

the center wheels are slightly larger than the other wheels. All stock trolleys come standard

in a high durable zinc finish.


Stock trolleys available in many styles and sizes.

Standard Stock Trolleys

Levels / Tiers : one or two levels

Base / Level profile : Wire or solid metal

Handles : one or two

Finish : Bright Zinc or Powdercoated

Sizes : 900mm x 400mm, 1000mm x 500mm or 1200mm x 600mm

Trade stock trolleys are available in a large range of sizes

Timber panel trolleys standard and custom sizes available

Plastic Hand Baskets with Chrome or plastic handles

Plastic Trolley Hand Baskets