Mark 6 Gondola Shelving System

Heavy Duty Shelving System

 The B.D.S Mark 6 Shelving System is a heavy duty shelving system that is designed for medium to large stores that have larger / heavy stock , ideal for supermarkets, hardware outlets, paint stores, pet stores, liquor outlets, etc...., the large range of shelving accessories will cater for any type of stock you wish to display.

Styles :  Standard Gondola or Outrigger Gondola's

Post Base Profile : " T " Leg--Low Base, " C " Leg--Centre High Base or " H " Leg--High Base

Post Upright Pitch : 41mm shelving pitch

Bay Width : Standard Gondola 915mm or 1200mm Wide  ( other widths available on request )

Bay Width : Outrigger Gondola 915mm, 1200mm, 1830mm 0r 2400mm Wide ( other widths available on request )

Bay Heights : " T " Leg  (low base) 950mm, 1350mm, 1750mm, 2200mm, 2600mm or 3000mm High

Bay Heights : " C " Leg  (centre high base) 1050mm, 1450mm, 1850mm, 2250mm, 2650mm or 3050mm High

Bay Heights : " H " Leg (high base) 1100mm, 1500mm, 1900mm, 2300mm, 2700mm or 3100mm High

Back Panel Type : Fluted Metal Panels, Louvre Metal Panels or Mesh Wire infill Panels

Shelf & Base Post Sizes : 600mm, 550mm, 500mm, 450mm, 400mm, 350mm, 300mm, 250mm

Finish : Heavy Duty Powder Coat with 50+ colours available

* Please follow these links for more pictures on Supermarket Shelving and Hardware Shelving Systems *

D/Sided Standard Gondola ( High Base )2200mm High with fluted metal back panels

D/Sided Outrigger Bays

D/Sided Standard Gondola's ( low Base ) 1450mm High

D/Sided Gondola Bays with book and video shelves

S/Sided Outrigger Bay 3000mm High