Styles :  Standard Gondola or Outrigger Gondola's

Post Base Profile : " T " Leg--Low Base or " H " Leg--High Base

Post Upright Pitch : 50mm shelving pitch

Bay Width : Standard Gondola 900mm or 1200mm Wide  ( other widths available on request )

Bay Width : Outrigger Gondola 900mm, 1200mm, 1800mm 0r 2400mm Wide ( other widths available on request )

Bay Heights : " T " Leg  (low base) 1150mm, 1450mm, 1600mm, 1750mm 1900mm, 2050mm, 2200mm 2350mm, 2650mm, 2800mm, 2950mm or 32500mm High

Bay Heights : " H " Leg (high base) 1200mm, 1400mm, 1550mm, 1700mm, 1850mm, 2150mm, 2300mm, 2450mm, 2600mm, 2750mm, 2900mm or 3200mm High

Back Panel Type : Punched Metal Panels, Plain Metal Panels, Louvre Metal Panels or Mesh Wire infill Panels

Shelf & Base Post Sizes : 600mm, 550mm, 500mm, 450mm, 400mm, 350mm, 300mm, 250mm

Finish : Heavy Duty Powder Coat with 50+ colours available

* Please follow these links for more pictures on Supermarket , Hardware, Chemist, bottle shops*

Mark 5 Gondola Shelving System

Medium / Heavy Duty Shelving System


The B.D.S. Gondola Shelving System is the quiet achiever in some of the biggest retail names around Australia. It could be our systems versatility, style, accessories or just the ease of assembly, that makes it suitable for any type of store no matter the size or shape. Accessories do play a big part in most stores and  when displaying merchandise of any type, the key is to  display it in a way that it is beneficial to both store owner and customer, B.D.S manufacturers a complete range of products to do just this. 

D/Sided Standard Gondola Bay, High Base

For stores that require overhead storage for back up stock the outrigger system provides just that, the outrigger system will carry three times more weight than standard gondola shelving.

Standard Gondola shelving , multi-angle shelves and chrome wire shelf fronts

D/Sided Outrigger Bays, High Base--Super market style

D/Sided Standard Gondola Bay, High Base with clip on feature end

Standard Wall Bays with Corporate  coloured sign header

The option of shallow depth shelving makes the mark 5 system  suitable for the smallest stores inc corner shops, service station, chemists, etc...

D/Sided Outrigger Bays with Bulk Densed End Displays

Combination of outrigger wall bays, D/Sided standard gondola bays in

Low Base

Outrigger Wall Bays with D/Sided Gondola's