Mark 8 Pallet Retail Shelving System

Bulk Heavy Duty Shelving System

The Mark 8 Shelving Systems is the best of both worlds for large stores, the system incorporates a fully adjustable retail shelving system within a pallet racking

System, for store's that have little or no storeroom the Mark 8 system can house all of your backup stock and still display all of your display stock, if you all ready

Have pallet racking B.D.S can also provide you with the gondola shelving only to upgrade your pallet racking to a Mark 8 system.

Styles :  Pallet Racking with Gondola Shelving--Single or Double Sided

Pallet Racking Heights : 3353mm, 3658mm, 3962mm, 4267mm or 4570mm High

Pallet Bay Width : Standard 2740mm or 3670mm ( other widths available on request )

Pallet Racking Depths : 840mm, 1050mm or 1220mm Deep

Pallet Racking Post Upright Pitch : 75mm shelving pitch

Gondola Bay Width ( within Pallet Racking ): 2740mm--3 x 900mm Bays , 3670mm--3 x 1200mm Bays

Gondola Bay Heights ( within Pallet Racking ) : 2400mm High 0r 1200mm High  ( other heights available on request )

Gondola Post Upright Pitch : 50mm shelving pitch

Back Panel Type : Punched Metal Panels, Plain Metal Panels or Louvre Metal Panels

Shelf & Base Post Sizes : 600mm, 550mm, 500mm, 450mm, 400mm or 350mm Deep

Gondola Shelving Finish : Heavy Duty Powder Coat with Dulux Paints, 50+ colours available

Pallet Racking Finish : Standard Gal finish pallet frames, safety orange beams ( beams available in others colours on request )