Kupo Display Pole System

(KD/L2137PD) Main

Kupole Post

Adjustable from 2100mm to 3700mm High

Kupole designed to go from floor to ceiling


add on accessories for wall and free standing displays are available

(KD/B126P) Kupole Free

Standing Base

(KD/PR50P) post to wall mounting arm

(KD/C50P) Kupole suspended ceiling adapter

(KD/900P) 4 way Kupole Clamp Joint

(KCP/700P) Kupole Double Clamp Joint

(KD/PR100P) Square Post

Converter to suit (KD/900P)

(KD/985P) Brushed Aluminium Face out Hang Rail 1150mm Long x 275mm Deep to suit (KD/900P )

(KD/985P) Round Span hang rail 

1100mm Long to suit (KD/900P)

(KS/020) Compact Snap in Pin to suit

Span Hang rails & hang arms

(KD/PR24LP) Square Pole suit (KD/PR100P)

(KD/981LP) 400mm Straight Hang Arm suit (KD/900P)

(KD/760SP) Banner Sign Rod with Stud 600mm Long

(KD/735P ) Mini Flex Arm with end clip to suit (KD/900P)

(KCP/350P) Mini Sign Clamp suit (KS/020) & (KCP/700P)

(KD-710P) Small Panel/ Shelf Holder (8mm)

(KD/743P) Catalogue Display Shelf 250mm H x 250mm W x 86mm D

(KD-910P) Large Panel/ Shelf Holder (8mm)

(KD/750S) Sign Frame

(KD/77P) Square Acrylic Display Box

(KD/816P) Sign Clip Holder

(KD/990P) Display Shelf Holder

(Please note : Kupo system is Ex-Sydney Via

Miniatures Australia Pty Ltd )