Display Bars & Arms are manufactured in both standard and custom sizes and are available in large range of styles and finishes, Please also refer to

60mm Display Posts & Gondolas page for more display Bars and Arms.

 Display bars are available in any combination :

Length : 600mm, 900mm or 1200mm (custom sizes available)

Depth : from flat (50mm) to 500mm deep in 50mm intervals.

Tube Size : 25mm x 6mm flat bar, 32mm x 12mm tube or 25mm round tube.

Bracket End Type : Slatwall Fitting, Bracket fitting, Saddle Clip Fitting

Display Arms are manufactured in various types and sizes to suit different applications. These items assist any store that requires hang sell for Wall Stripping, Gondola

Fixtures, display bars or Slatwall. Display Arm Styles: Straight, Sloping, Curved or Stepped

Pictured above is Straight Hanging Arms with 3 different back

fittings, (Top) Slatwall Round hang bar, (middle) 40mm pitch wall stripping or slotted tube hang bar, (bottom) Saddle back to fit over a display bar.

Slatwall Slopping Ball Hang Arm

Slatwall Slopping Bag Holder

Display Bar Slopping Pin Hang Arm

Wall or Panel mounted Straight Hang Arm

Display Bar Straight Hang Arm

Straight Hang Arm

Hat Display Arms